I haven’t posted in quite some time. I honestly haven’t done any creating since I was making stuff for last WCHC. I hit a wall, a slump, an apathetic speed bump all while riding a unicorn with a taped on horn. I did buy some Alcohol inks and Acrylic inks to play with, that has been the extent of that.
I’m not throwing in the towel, one must never get rid of the towel, never! I am however adjusting some life stuff around, pulling my head out of the clouds (nice way to say my arse) and should be at it again. I would hope for sooner rather than later.

I am going to WCHC but not as a vendor. I will be a volunteer! That’s right, lots of time to hang out and see everyone. Come and see us in Portland, Oregon, April 13th through the 15th, 2018 West Coast Haunters Convention.


The time is almost near for the West Coast Haunters Convention! I have items ready, although I wish I had more! We will be in Booth #16, and yes I said ‘we’. I have three friends that will be with me. My Sistah from a Past Life Mistah (yes she is just my Soul Sistah, no DNA involvement, heh!) she is the awesomeness that is Medium Sarah Lemos, click on the link to schedule with her. She does phone readings as well as in person here in the Salem, Oregon! Here is a link to her Facebook page as well… Medium Sarah Lemos.
The other two friends are the infamous Byron and Colleen Ohler, they are the awesomeness too, I can totally vouch for it.

The dates for the awesomeness that will be The Four sharing the #16 will be May 12th, 13th and 14th in Portland, Oregon. Pictures will be posted of the booth once it has been assemblaged.

Here is a peek at items that I will have available…

5×7 Canvas Mixed Media



5×7 Canvas Mixed Media


2×2 Magnet


8×10 Canvas Acrylic


4×12 canvas Mixed Media and Acrylic


I’m going on vacation come Friday. I will be going on a Ghost Hunters Cruise to the Western Caribbean. We fly to New Orleans, have two days to tour around before we depart on the ship. The Cruise it self is 7 days and includes Cozumel Mexico, Roatan Honduras, Belize, and Costa Maya Mexico. We then head back to New Orleans for a couple more days of touring and hanging out.
Creating for the WCHC booth has been put on hold due to my excitement and due to running around to get ready to go. When I get back I will have to get on it again.


I will have a booth at the West Coast Haunters Convention May 12th – 14th, as soon as I get the booth assignment I will let you know. Currently the inventory I have on hand is all for the show. I will be taking photos of the pieces that will be there, I will post them here. They will only be available at the show.
#WCHC, #WestCoastHauntersConvention

The website is getting there!! I have learned which buttons NOT to push and found others that make life easier. As for which ones not to push… yea, they tend to get rid of all the work you just did. But hey, doing it twice helps set it in to memory right? Ha!
I welcome any suggestions for the site! I plan on building a Gallery for the art and will add other tidbits here and there. I don’t want to over fill the front page and it will remain a News, Updates and Showcase place for the most part.