The time is almost near for the West Coast Haunters Convention! I have items ready, although I wish I had more! We will be in Booth #16, and yes I said ‘we’. I have three friends that will be with me. My Sistah from a Past Life Mistah (yes she is just my Soul Sistah, no DNA involvement, heh!) she is the awesomeness that is Medium Sarah Lemos, click on the link to schedule with her. She does phone readings as well as in person here in the Salem, Oregon! Here is a link to her Facebook page as well… Medium Sarah Lemos.
The other two friends are the infamous Byron and Colleen Ohler, they are the awesomeness too, I can totally vouch for it.

The dates for the awesomeness that will be The Four sharing the #16 will be May 12th, 13th and 14th in Portland, Oregon. Pictures will be posted of the booth once it has been assemblaged.

Here is a peek at items that I will have available…

5×7 Canvas Mixed Media



5×7 Canvas Mixed Media


2×2 Magnet


8×10 Canvas Acrylic


4×12 canvas Mixed Media and Acrylic


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